Thursday, July 15, 2010


My "look what I found at the estate sale!!!!" posts are probably boring as all get out for you guys to read, but I love playing show and tell, and it helps me remember what I bought and when and how much it cost.  So anyhoo... after a bit of a dry spell, I've had some really good luck estate shopping these past two weeks.  Wanna see what I got?

First of all, I picked up 17 new old patterns from the late 60's through the 70's.  This isn't my favorite era of retro fashions, but I have to admit, they are starting to grow on me - mostly because I can see great possibilities for garments that could work in my everyday wardrobe. For example, I love the clean lines in these 2 patterns from 1970.  With the right fabrics, they would look so chic and modern!

1970 - Simplicity 8742

1970 - McCall's 2468

All the patterns were $.50, which made them cheap enough that I could buy a few just to marvel at how hideous 70's fashions could be!

I also picked up some fabric yardage for $.50 a cut.  In addition to a few basics, I found these fabulous prints that I can't wait to use with my vintage patterns.  My favorite is the green and white daisies on terrycloth.  I have no idea what I'll ever do with it, but it is so over the top crazy that I'm determined to make something fabulous someday!  I also love the small scale print on blue, and although there isn't a lot of it, I think it would make a sweet little 40's blouse, or maybe trim on a dress.


At another sale, I picked up some great lace and collars for $1 apiece.  There is 10 yards of the wide eyelet trim, so I am already daydreaming about pretty Victorian or Edwardian undies.


Next, I got a few women's magazines dating from 1900 - 1924.  They have some nice fashion plates, but the articles and embroidery diagrams are the best part.  My favorite article teaches you how to make fabric flowers.  I plan on scanning and posting the instructions for anybody who wants to give them a try (as soon as I can unearth my scanner). 


And saving the best for last, here is my super-fab $2 coat.  I lovelovelove this coat, and it has a real fur collar and is in perfect condition!  I love it so much, I've been wearing it around the house on this 100 degree summer day!

I've been having a blast searching for estate sale treasures lately, and I am going to be SO sad when I have to go back to work again and miss out on all the early sales!  If any of you in the DFW area are interested in estate sale shopping, you might want to join the 24/7 Estate Sale mailing list.  Just be sure that you leave some of the good stuff for me!  ;)


  1. I <3 estate sales, my hubby and I go almost every weekend and it is so fun going on a treasure hunt!

  2. That coat is great! I love it too! And I'm looking forward to the eventual flower making instructions.

  3. you have the best estate sale luck ever. EPIC WIN!

  4. WOW! That coat is AMAZING!!! and the lace!!!...swoon!

  5. Good finds. And I like reading about your finds. The blue fabris is so very pretty and I actually think that teh jacket pattern in your exampel of hideous 70s fashion could be quit nice too.

    Printed terry cloth was quite popular in the 70s, at elast here in Sweden, my mother made bathrobes for us from it, but it was also used for tunics to wear over baths suits or just towels.


  6. Gorgeous coat! And the lace looks amazing too.

  7. I like reading about your finds. It's vicarious shopping!

  8. Love your lace finds. I'm always looking for things like that too.

  9. You found some great stuff- the lace was my favorite, though I love vintage patterns. A few weeks ago I picked up some 40s patterns for a jumper dress and short sleeved pajamas. I also found an early 80s romper pattern that was super easy to sew together and turned out great. So you never know how the old patterns will turn out when combined with different fabrics and trims.

  10. Oh PLEASE post an article on how to make flowers! That would be too marvelous! :) Great finds, you are so lucky!

  11. I have given you The Versatile Blogger Award.

  12. Hi Jen! I found you LOL! Awesome estate sale finds, I love that coat and you can't beat the price. I've started a blog but there is no costume content. Yet. I'm really missing costuming so I think it's time to make that commitment again.

  13. Did you ever get around to scanning those flower tutorials? It looks like a great find!

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