Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CoCo recovery

I've been meaning to do a couple of posts about Costume College, our FABULOUS Curtain-Along meetup, my new natural form ballgown, and this week's HSF project.  But this is also my last week of summer vacation, so I'm having a hard time chaining myself down to the computer when there are other things that I'd rather be doing.  Ahhh!  Summer was over way too soon!

So forgive me for the lazy recap, but I'll just say that this year's Costume College was beyond fabulous!   I went to some wonderful classes, hung out with a ton of amazing people, and had a ball dressing up every day.  I'll let my photos tell the rest of the story, so feel free to check them out on flickr.  And if any of you were there and would like to grab pics for FB or your own blog or whatever, please help yourself.  I don't need credit or a link or anything like that - I'm just happy to see them getting used.


BTW - could the lovely lady in this photo please email me at jen(at)festiveattyre.com?  I'm trying to get everything finished up for a Curtian-Along post, and I need to get a little info from you.  Thanks!  :)

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  1. Everything I saw on you was just beautiful. I was really impressed with everyone's Curtain-Along gowns. That was fun to see.