Thursday, June 21, 2012

Site migration info

I've been poking around and figuring out some of the more advanced features on Blogger, and the good news is that most of my old site will be able to transfer over here pretty painlessly.  When my old hosting service expires, the address will bring you directly here to my blog.  I also figured out how to set up static pages on Blogger, so when you click on the "Research" tab at the top of this page, it will take you to an index of all of my old articles and images galleries.  I have already started moving them, and it is going faster that I had hoped, so I'm hoping most of the research page content will be transferred before the old site goes away.   I have also added all of the new tutorials that I have written here on my blog to the research page to make them easier to find as well.

After the articles and image galleries are moved, I will move the photos of my own costumes, and then if I have any energy left over after that, I might move some of my old dress diaries over here... but I'm not making any promises about those.  The Featured Attyre is the only section that I am not going to move at all.

I'm really excited to see that the best parts of my old site will continue on without too much disruption, and I even more excited to see how easy it will be to add new content in the future.


Abigael said...

AAAAH, I LOVE your site! I have referenced it so many times for construction details, and research, and all that great stuff. I'm so sad to hear that you are going to have to take some of it offline.

I just want you to know that I have really appreciated your website, and I will definitely take advantage of this time to print off some of my favourite diaries. Thanks so much for letting us know!

Erin T./Emelote of Calais said...

I agree with Abigael! I have used your site for reference and inspiration for years! In fact you even answered my many questions about your Zouave pants! I hope the transition goes well, and that we still see your diaries (yes I am being selfish! :P)

Thanks Jen you rock!


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