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Shauna said...

Could you please include the links for the Flemish working woman's article, as well as the notes for the Florentine dress? I'd like to see them as I'm working on my own dresses. Thank you so much!

Caterina Datini said...

Seconded! And I keep seeing pictures of your Venetian ensembles elsewhere on the internet. I'd love to see more of all your Italian Renaissance projects.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've admired your work for a long time, but only just started to follow your blog. I came because I wanted to read your article "The use of lower grade silks in the Renaissance". but I see it is offline. Is there anywhere else I can read it, or is it maybe down because you are working on a second edition, maybe? Thank you! :)

Goatberry said...

Please, please, info on Flemish dress of 14-15 C.

Thank you so much. Jennifer

TzippiLongstocking said...

Hi! Returning to costuming (and your excellent site!) after many years, and I was wondering if you still have your article on cording with hemp. I'm hoping to get something reversible going for War season, and I'd love to get that smooth but rounded look.

Demeter said...

Some of the article links aren't working anymore. Any luck you'd have updated links? :)

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