Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1910's seperates

This week's Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge was "separates", so I decided to make up one of my antique 1910's patterns that I bought this summer.  It is a very basic 7-gore skirt, and I'm guessing that it is from the very early 1910's.  As is often the case with patterns from this period, it actually turned out to be more A-line than the pattern drawing leads you to believe.  I made it from some wool houndstooth from my stash in green and black, and my original intention was to make a jacket to go with it later this fall.  It went together really quickly over the weekend, so that was nice since I was pretty exhausted from CoCo, and I was looking for a project that didn't require much effort.

But unfortunately, I'm not in love with the final skirt.  There's some odd puckering along a few seams that refuses to iron out, and even though I sized it down twice, it is still too roomy over the hips, which you can't really see in this picture, but it is more obvious in life.  Also, I was hoping for a skirt with straighter lines so it would have a more "modern" 1910's look.  This flared shape is a bit old-fashioned for the jacket I had picked out, so there's a pretty good chance that this will be the one and only wearing of this skirt.  I think I'll take it apart and try again with a different pattern when I get around to making the jacket.

Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.


Quinn said...

Hm... the shape of those pattern pieces and the finished skirt don't look anything like, do they? I hate when that happens!


The Dreamstress said...

What a bummer! It's gorgeous fabric, and I really like the overall shape (though it certainly isn't the slim look the pattern shows) but I think I can see the pulling on the seam. I'd guess it was from the grainlines changing across the skirt.

Good luck with re-making, and good on you for getting right back in to sewing after Costume College. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Thread-Head said...

What a marvelous turn of events! I desperately, ardently, NEED a pattern with that shape, from that time period. Are you interested in selling the pattern, by any chance?

Jen Thompson said...

Choll - I'm not really interested in selling any patterns right now, but Wearing History has a skirt pattern that has a similar shape: http://www.wearinghistorypatterns.com/cordelia/

M'lady said...

I think it looks great. I would wear it. I'm sure you can utilize the skirt in some way.

Diary of a Vintage Modiste said...

I think it looks lovely! You could always taper in your seams to create a straighter silhouette.

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