Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chemise gown research LUV!

Back in the Dark Ages of the internet, one of the costumers who inspired me and taught me more than any other was Sarah Lorraine of the Mode Historique website, and once again she is knocking my socks off with her newest research.  She is an AMAZING costumer and historian, and she has been specifically studying the Chemise à la Reine for the past few years for her graduate thesis in art history.  Sarah has generously decided to share some of her breakthrough findings with us by creating a Chemise à la Reine month, with 30 days of fabulous posts about this revolutionary article of clothing!  

And to conclude her research, Sarah is hoping to return to England to study the only extant 1780-1785 chemise gown, off the mannequin and outside of the display case, but she needs our help to get there.   She has created an Indegogo campaign to help pay for her travel expenses, and if you have a little that you could pitch in, it would be a wonderful way to thank Sarah for sharing her discoveries with us all.  I can't wait to read and learn more about this fascinating type of dress throughout April, and I'm even more excited to see what additional knowledge Sarah can discover if she is able to fully study a surviving chemise gown in person.  I think this is such an exciting project, and I hope you all will consider helping her out on this journey!


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