Monday, May 10, 2010

an interesting fashion statement

I worked on my new 1910's corset last week, and although I still need to add the garters and bottom edge binding, it was finally done enough to try it on.  Quite an interesting fashion statement over my work clothes, don'cha think?


Anonymous said...

It isn't my area of study at all so I have a question. Doesn't the length make it hard to sit down or didn't genteel ladies of the time do something as silly as sit.

Jen Thompson said...

The boning stops at the hips, so it isn't a problem at all. The bottom is just fabric, so it is no more difficult to sit in that a tight skirt. This one isn't as long as some 1910's examples though. The question for those isn't sitting so much - it's going to the bathroom. I have no idea how they gracefully managed that one!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can push it up a little and then be very careful? My rago girdle is almost that long and that's what I do when I wear it.


Jo said...

I just finished making one of these! Yours has a lovely shape. Did you use an existing pattern or did you make your own? Either way it will be perfect for your suffragette dress.

Jen Thompson said...

Jo - I drafted a pattern from a real 1910's corset. I'll be making the pattern and instructions available in an article eventually. What pattern did you use? I tried two other 1910's corsets in previous years, but those failed miserably. I'm so happy I finally found one that worked!

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