Sunday, December 22, 2013

faux-Victorian photos

After taking all these pictures of my new winter accessories, I decided to indulge in my other favorite creative pastime - making faux-antique photos.  In the real world, I teach a photography and Photoshop class, so I really enjoy playing around with photo manipulation.  I'd love to experiment with some actual historical photography techniques someday, but until I get crazy brave enough to invest in all of those chemicals and equipment, my Photoshop fakes will have to do.

Tintypes are my favorite type of antique photo.  I love how dark and moody they are, with their oh-so-hip grungy borders, dings, and scratches.  It was really fun to combine the tintype look with outdoor photography.  I think it makes the world seem quite dreamlike and surreal.  

And just for something different, I also tried out a more formal-looking cabinet card too, which you can see below.  All of these were made by combining my modern digital photos with scans of real tintypes, cabinet cards, and old paper.  

Thanks for letting me share a few of my faux-Victorian selfies with you all!  


Cathlin said...

I absolutely love the photos. Beautiful!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

This is amazing!!! Truly beautiful!
Nearly two decades ago we've had our wedding photos taken with my brother-in-law's historic camera (it's one of those wooden cameras with leather bellows - sorry for the poor explanation, but I don't have the english term) on a glasstype. It took really some time to take the photo and we've had to sit very still. Back then only one photographer was able to debelope it into a paper picture - unfortunately only in standard 1990s paper though.
Your 'faux' potos look even better, like precious memories of the past, with their amazing shades and blurry parts.
Wish I could take one of your classes! Photography will always remain a mystery to me ;)


bauhausfrau said...

These are so cool!

Gina said...

Very well done! Note to self...take a class from Jen.....

fixitfaerie said...

Oh, I just love your pictures. I have hundreds of pictures of my Paternal Grandma's family, my Poppa's and of my Dad's. We used to spend hours going through them, and her telling me who was who, and where the pictures were taken and when. Then my daughter's got to do the same thing with her and they have beautiful memories too. Have a Merry Christmas. Blessings Paula

BaronessVonVintage said...

breathtakingly perfect!

Emileigh said...

These are fabulous!

L. R. Stern said...

These are so cool! I hope you do a tutorial someday :)

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