Monday, August 6, 2012

A proper mourning

Because I am the world's biggest dork, I decided that my new black robe en chemise needed its own photo shoot. So I hauled my trusty tripod up to a beautiful historic cemetery in McKinney and pranced around the graves taking gothy pictures of myself... much to the amusement of the hard working grave diggers and city street workers.

But I think it was worth the effort because I got some shots that I really like - and truly, costuming is all about the pretty pictures, right? Now after wearing this dress a few times, I think it might be my new favorite outfit ever. I had no idea such a simple dress would be so much fun to wear!


Am I allowed to be saucy in a cemetery?


It was a bit windy that day - I think my feather was trying to take flight!








This was a tombstone for another Thompson, so of course I had to take a picture with it.  
Who knows - maybe we're related.

The one last thing that I wanted to mention about this outfit is my mourning miniature. Mourning jewelry was hugely popular in the Georgian period, so I decided try my hand at painting something for my own outfit. I based my design on this mourning brooch from 1788.  Anchors were very popular in mourning jewelry, and they symbolized hope.  My version is painted with guache on yupo paper, which is the closest substitute that I've found so far to ivory.  This version is quite ham-fisted compared to the delicately painted original, but I still like it.  It was a lot of fun to make.



Maureen Payne said...

Well sadly death is a part of life. Though I think the period woman was more used to the concept, than we are in modern society. More out of necessity than wanting of course.

So spending so much time in mourning attire, I believe I was several months before one was allowed to come out of mourning traditionally. I think women would have wanted what they wore to be comfortable and easy to wear. These days with no fashion requirements and such the idea of wearing black everyday is very foreign.

Though I find most portaits of women in mourning lovely. The mono colored gowns with their subltle decorations and focus on texture instead of color was very refreshing despite the sombre color. Well done the pictures are lovely.


Cynthia Griffith said...

Beautiful photos, and you did an amazing job on the entire outfit!

I have to admit, when I first started working on my chemise gown, it was so differently I wasn't sure I liked the process. Once things started coming together and I saw that it worked, every time I wear it I have more fun than any other outfit. I think it even shows in the photos I've taken as well. It kind of makes me want to make another one too, slightly different, especially in the sleeves.

Again, wonderful job, and I really enjoyed seeing the photos in a pretty setting. It definitely deserved to be photographed like that, and I'm sure you had a lot of fun celebrating the finish that way as well!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! Pretty pictures are the best part of costuming. =)

Amanda said...

Love those pictures! Old cemeteries are such a perfect place for pictures of costumes...I should take more advantage of the ones near me!

Cathy Raymond said...

Great costume, and the photos display it to perfection! Superb.

flyingdreams said...

What kind of incredibly great pictures, with a fantastic atmosphere! The dress is incredibly good to you! Best regards Kerstin

eva´s kleidertruhe said...

Wonderful costume and fantastic pictures!!! Just perfect!!

Maggie said...

You look so amazing! I love these photos! And your miniature is beautiful!

saraquill said...

Both the outfit and the photographs are lovely.

ZipZip said...

No wonder it's your favorite outfit; comfortable and flattering can hardly be beat. The blue with the black is magical. The wig really worked out too.

Thought personally that the miniature came out really well! Not all originals were dainty, so yours can hardly be called ham-fisted.

Very best,


Solène said...

Beautifull dress. I like the third picture.

Gabriela Salvador said...

lovely outfit, and the perfect pictures to complement it! beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely!

Jennifer Bristow said...

This will be a strange question - unless we really are cousins - Does your family come from near Tyler, Texas? My Mam-ma was a Thompson! I love your gown!

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