Friday, April 6, 2012


So last month I told you all that I was working on an 1890's cycling costume for our DFWCG Steampunk Tea Party.  Well... life got in the way, and that outfit didn't get finished in time, so I've put it on hold until our train ride outing in May.  I ended up digging though my closet and settling for a hodgepodge, thrown-together, last minute costume.  It's a very typical steampunk look, but it was fun and easy, and really, isn't that what steampunk is all about?

The whole outfit was really designed around my 1904 ribbon corset that I made 2 years ago, but I never got to wear because it was too small for me until recently.  I'm thrilled to finally find a use for it.  Next I dug out some olive green wool from my stash, and I whipped up a long straight skirt from a vintage 1930's pattern.  Then I draped a natural-form style overskirt from the small pieces of fabric remaining.  This skirt is a total hack job, and I didn't even bother to finish the waistband or add permanent closures since I was running so sort on time.  The blouse, scarf, and boots are staples in my modern wardrobe, and the hat and  hairpiece are from other costumes.  Easy peasey!  I actually like the way it all came together, and I had a blast at the tea party.  Our hostess really outdid herself with the beautiful table setting and food, and then we all went outside and shot our modded nerf weapons and water guns.  It was silly and fun and truly lovely afternoon.

Here are a few pictures of my costume, and more pictures from the event can be found on flickr if you'd like to see the rest of our steamy tea.




Mistress of Disguise said...

You looked fabulous, and the entire event was wonderful! :D

Sarah Walsh said...

What a fun outfit! And you must be so thrilled that you fit this corset better than you did before you had the baby!

I heard about the really destructive tornadoes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area...everyone okay?

Julia said...

Wow! I love the skirt <3

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Yes the skirt is fab!

sew vala said...

Your outfit is fab, This weekend is the first of three events we have to dress steampunk. You are so lucky to have so many where you live. If only we could dress like this more often.

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