Monday, July 4, 2011

it's a mod, mod summer!


Next month, I'll be attending Costume College in Southern California, and there are plans to have a costumed pool party while we are there. I'm pretty prudish about showing off a lot of skin, so I floundered around for awhile trying to figure out what I could make. I finally took inspiration from an amazing piece of vintage terrycloth that I had picked up at an estate sale last year and decided to make a playdress from a 1967 Simplicity pattern.


The tunic was a snap to put together and so fun easy to wear.  But I haven't worn a pair of shorts in at least 5 years, and I was getting some major cold feet about walking around the hotel in an outfit that looks like I forgot my pants!  So I decided to make up a pair of super-wide pallazzo pants to wear over the shorts when I'm not at the pool.  The pants pattern is from 1969, and I am totally in love with these things as well.  I think I need a dozen pairs to wear around the house (and do yoga in!)


I think I had the most fun finding accessories to finish this outfit off.  The head scarf is such an easy way to fix my hair, and I think it'll look even better once I get a haircut so can do a decent flip with the ends.  I made the sash from a similar tunic pattern, and I'm not sure if I will keep that part as is, buy something else, or just wear the tunic with no belt.  That's the one part of the outfit that I'm not totally sold on.  I found the 60's blue-tinted sunglasses on ebay, and although I think they look a little silly on me, they are definitely fun, so what the heck.  The vintage rubber sandals are from etsy, and I also have a pair of big white hoops and a straw tote with flamingoes on it coming in the mail soon.  I can't wait to get it all together!



I also had a lot of fun "antiquing" these photos.  I scanned some of my parents' old pictures to use for the border and for general color matching.  But I also wanted to show you some regular shots so you could see my psychedelic fabric in all its dayglow glory.  :)