Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I think I have discovered the tragic flaw of this system of pattern enlarging - the shoulders of the bodice are WAY too wide when scaled up as much as I have it.   But once I started thinking about it, that makes sense.  I have a 40" bust, so the pattern has to be scaled up quite a bit to fit my torso, but the measurement from my neck to the edge of my shoulder wouldn't change significantly even if I was 50 lbs. lighter.  That measurement deals with bone structure vs. "fluff", so it doesn't increase proportionally at the same rate as the bust/waist/hip measurements.  Probably if I had read the entire book it would have told me how to deal with this problem while drafting the pattern, but I guess that's what I get for just skipping around to the good parts.  My first try with the sleeves had them hanging way off my shoulders, more like an 1860's dress than an 80's one... which looks wildly ridiculous with a slightly puffed sleeve head.  I took at least an inch off the width of the shoulders, and I'll try again tomorrow.  It's nearly 2:00 in the morning now, so I concede defeat to the sleevils in round one of Battle of the Bodice.  Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.


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