Sunday, July 8, 2012

site migration progress report

Well, as many of you have already discovered, my old website is down now.  I am in the process of transferring my domain name so it will redirect to my new home here on Blogger, but that might take another day or two to start working.  I have made a little process moving the old articles and galleries over to their new homes - you will find them under the "research" tab at the top of the page, just like at my old site.  But I still have a lot left to do, so please be patient with me.  I promise I will try to get it all over here eventually, but I'm in the middle of lots of sewing and planning work for the DFWCG's first ever costume retreat later this month (woohoo!), so I haven't had much spare time to work on it.  But my goal is to have it all back up and running smoothly again by mid-August.

I am SO sorry this is screwing with all of your bookmarks and links, but thank-you for your understanding and for all nice messages that I have gotten from the people who are missing the old website already.  I'm hoping that once everything is moved, I can settle in here on Blogger and not have to move again... at least for another decade.  :)


Beara said...

I'm glad to read, that you are just "moving" with your website, and that it will be "online" soon.
It would be sad, if not.
Your site is so inspiring and was very, very helpfull making my first Renaissance Gown.
Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

If anyone happened to copy the photos and dress diaries for the ~1480's italian renaissance gamurra, giornia, would you mind sending them my way? I would be patient and wait for them to come up, but I'm working on a bit of a deadline. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

But darling, where are all the pre 1770's costumes? Please put them up. Please.

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