Sunday, September 9, 2012

an ode to curtain costuming

I'm wrapping up work on my dress for the Antique Elegance show next weekend, so I've started prepping for my next project - a dress to wear to the DFWCG's Georgian Picnic in November. When I made my "Dutch print madness" outfit this past summer, I also bought a second curtain panel from Lowe's, and my idea was to make a jacket to match my Indienne print petticoat so I'd have a slightly different version to wear to the picnic, but I wouldn't have to stress so hard over finishing a completely new dress.  I'm basing my design on this print jacket and petticoat combo from the early 1790's.  

Since I finally have some good 18th c. body blocks to work with now, I'm hoping that the jacket goes together easily, and I think I'm going to hand sew this project as well.  I can't wait to get started!

After my post about my Dutch dress last month, I noticed that several other costumers started snatching up these Lowe's curtains to make their own 18th c. garments. It's so cool to see all the different looks that you can get even when working with the same fabric, so I thought it might be fun to make a Pinterest board for all the Lowe's curtain dresses out there to celebrate all of our coordinating garments.  It could be like our own little sew-along, but maybe we should call it a "curtain-along"!  Dressed in Time just finished a beautiful shortgown, and I know American Duchess is working on a new dress with this fabric as well.  But anyway, if you are making a garment out of this Waverly Indiennene print, or you know of any others out there, please let me know because I would love to tell everybody about your project and include it on my board when it is done!

And just FYI, there are several colorways of this fabric if you like the general pattern, but you want to be a little bit different.  In addition to the 3 versions of curtains that Lowe's carries (creme, crimson, and noir) I noticed that Joann's is selling multiple versions of this same print fabric now too.  The only difference is that the Joann's fabric is on regular cotton instead of sateen... oh, and it's a lot more expensive!  But I love the blue and white colorway.  I think that one in particular would make a gorgeous 18th c. dress.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! It was really fun to see all the different versions of 18th C costumes out of curtains Ikea had a few years back.

Nice too to hear Joann's as some other colorways, thanks for being so generous and spreading the word!

Caroline said...

Cheers to you for discovering those beautiful curtains! And by the way, your Dutch print madness outfit is amazing! I love it! And the pictures are so perfect. Especially the one under the arbor. Lovely job! Like right out of a painting.

And thank you for reminding me of the blue and white waverly. I bought some yards like a year and a half ago. It got buried away in the stash. Oh no!

Maureen Payne said...

I make 16th century costume and yes curtains are a must! I find alot of basic colors and renaissance patterns really give a the look of silk, drape beautifully, (excuse my pun) and are very affordable. I found a wonderul pattern at bed bath and beyond to use for a gold brocade gown. Hope the new jacket goes well, would love to see a teal and coral combo to bring out the floral colors in the skirt.

Maggie said...

I think this is great! I'm tempted to buy some curtains and sew along myself! I also didn't realize they had so many colorways of this. I love the blue/white - I wish it wasn't quite so expensive though!

Mistress of Disguise said...

I'm so glad that you made that Pinterest board! I was looking last night to see who all was working with those curtains. :D I was toying with the idea of making a caraco and petticoat with that fabric. But now, seeing that they carry it in red, I'm starting to rethink! I can't wait to see your outfit at the picnic. :D

Lauren Stowell said...

Yes, the Pinterest board sounds fantastic! You really set a trend, and I think it would be so awesome to see everyone's various incarnations.

Cathy Raymond said...

Wow. The Joann's near me has such a lame selection, I lose track of the fact that other stores in the chain may have neat stuff. I think the blue-and-white would make a grand 18th c dress too! I hope you make one, sometime.

Cathy Raymond said...

On the other hand, Joann's website warns that "fabric may crock", which would be dreadful; making up a lovely dress only to have the dye rub off and the print possibly blur....

Jen Thompson said...

I've tried to reply individually to the comments, but it isn't working, so I'll have to resort to this.

Caroline - I'm totally jealous that you have that fabric in blue. It's going to make such an amazing gown!

Maggie - I've found the blue and white at other online fabric stores for $15 a yard, which isn't cheap, but if you just made a jacket, it wouldn't be too bad expensive. Search for Waverly Felicite to find other sellers.

Megan - I'm so excited that you are thinking about using it too! We could have a local curtain-along party at some point. That would be so much fun! BTW, did you see anybody else blogging about this fabric? I'm trying to track down other people too.

Lauren - your dress is looking gorgeous so far! I can't wait to see it when it's done!

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