Thursday, October 25, 2012

Curtain-along for October

Hey everybody! I just thought I'd check in and spread the word about a few cool curtain-along projects that I've seen this month. I doubt that anybody who follows my blog hasn't already seen American Duchess's finished dress, but let me just add my own "OMG!!!" Can you believe how gorgeous that turned out?  Be sure to check out Lauren's post for the fabulous photo-story that she created to go along with the finished dress.

I've also been trying to keep up with all of the in-progress blogging about Curtain-along projects, but October is one of the craziest months of the year for me, so I know I'm missing a lot.  But here are a few that I bookmarked over the past month.  Please let me know what else is out there in the comments if you know of others!
  • I've been dying for somebody to make a cloak out of the noir curtains, so I was thrilled to see the work being done over at Chelsea's Costume Blog.  Her cloak is looking wonderful so far, and if anybody has any scraps of the noir colorway that you would be willing to donate or sell to Chelsea, she is looking for a little more fabric to use for the ruffled trim.  
  • Loren over at Costumer's Closet is getting close to finishing her gown with the noir curtains.  She writes: "One of the nice things I discovered is that 2 curtain panels are enough fabric to eek out a gown with elbow length sleeves AND have enough fabric left over for a jacket."  That's great info!  
  • Megan at Mistress of Disguise is making great progress on her caraco and petticoat too.  Although she has run into a slight hiccup with her pattern, I LOVE the way she has done the pleating on the back!
  • Other bloggers who have announced their participation in this project since my last post include Sarah from Mode Historique, and Merlina from Merlin, Stitched in Time.  I've also seen several others who have mentioned buying curtains in venues other than blogs, so I know there are a lot more out there than this, but they are just harder to link to.
I am SUPER excited to see so many people joining in on the fun, and I can't wait to see more completed curtain projects soon!


Lauren Stowell said...

Thank you so much Jen! It's so inspiring to see everyone else's projects too. I just LOVE that black colorway, and may need to get's not too much to have two dresses in similar color, right? Hehe. Thank you for hosting the Curtain-Along!

MCB said...

How do we share finished projects if we don't have blogs?

Jen Thompson said...

MCB - if you send me your photos and info about your dress, I'd be happy to feature it here on my blog!

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