Sunday, June 16, 2013

Curtain-Along Meetup at Costume College

Now that the limited classes have been announced for Costume College, I thought I'd create a poll and figure out when the most people could come to a little Curtain-Along meetup.  This is going to be totally informal - I thought we could just meet by the sitting area close to the pool for some fun pictures and socializing sometime during the day on Saturday.  And of course if Saturday doesn't work for you, then no big deal.  We can still come *squee!* over you anytime during weekend whenever we spot those Felicite-print costumes in the crowd.

So if you are interested in joining us, please take a minute to take this survey and help us pick a time.   And just FYI - there is only one class on Saturday that I am not willing to miss, and that's the English Country Dance class at 3:00... but that could be a meet-up opportunity too.  I think it would be really fun to see a group of us dancing together in our matching curtain dresses!   :)


bauhausfrau said...

Just FYI in the past most meet ups have been extremely causal - more "on x day I'm wearing Roman, want to join me?" Not a specific time really but more of a "if you're wearing 20s on Sunday we'll be by the pool around noon."

I have a limited class that starts at 2:30 on Sat but would probably wear my curtain along all day if Sat is the day chosen.

Jen Thompson said...

Loren - that's what I'm thinking too, but I'd just like for there to be one point in the day that the majority of us could get together for a few pictures, and we need a time for that. That's all I was looking for. :)

Lauren Stowell said...

How about the Friday Social? I was planning to wear my biggest-baddest-craziest on Saturday for the gala, and doing two full costumes/hair/etc. in on day seems daunting. I know that's just me - but perhaps others feel this way too?

Jen Thompson said...

Hey Lauren - I wouldn't have minded doing the ice cream social, but a bunch of the other Curtain-Alongers already had costume plans for the social, so I thought one of the days would have fewer conflicts. But of course you can wear your outfit whenever works best for you, and maybe you can drop by for the meetup on Saturday just to say hi! The whole point of the meetup is mainly just to take some pictures of a bunch of curtain dresses in one place at one time, so it's no big deal if people would rather wear their outfits another day. But maybe there will be some other folks who would like to wear curtain dresses to the ice cream social with you. We could have group shots Part 1 and Part 2 that way. :)

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