Sunday, April 25, 2010

new clothes for my man

We went to Scarborough Faire the weekend, and Mike was finally able to wear his new Alsatian costume!  It took me over 3 years to get it done (with about 2 3/4 of those years spend moldering in my to-do pile), but thank goodness it is finally finished!!!  Now I can sew for myself again without all the guilt and mopey "I guess I'll wear this same old costume" comments from my man.

And if anybody is joining me from my Festive Attyre website, welcome!  Hopefully I'll be better at blogging than I have been at webbing these past few years!


Cathy Raymond said...

I am continually amazed how well you can make a costume that will not only fit, but will EXACTLY reproduce the look of a portrait. Mike should be very pleased.

FashionK said...

It turned out great!!!! I spent most of my weekend working on John's outfit. Lol ..its not as fun sewing for boys but they need to be pretty too!!!

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