Tuesday, August 21, 2012

what I've been up to

Okay. So I want to start out by apologizing for not working more on moving things from my old website to this new one. I know most of the articles and galleries are still missing, and a lot of the articles that are here now have broken image links... and I told you all that it would be fixed by now. To make it worse, I've been a horrible webmistress, and I haven't even replied to most of the emails that I have received about my site migration. I'm truly sorry. :(  But honestly guys, it's just miserable work for me, and I wanted to spend my precious time this summer being creative and productive and happy and making new things - not staring at a computer, fixing code, and reworking webpages from a decade ago. I know that doesn't help you if you really needed some information in an old dress diary or article, but I decided to be selfish with my time for a little while longer. I hope you understand and don't hold it against me (too much), and I'll try again to work on site stuff this fall. 

So what have I been doing over the past few weeks? We'll, I've been working on four vintage outfits for guild events this year, plus I have completely remodeled and reorganized my sewing room, which was the biggest project of all. I'm still working on decorating it and making everything pretty now, and hopefully I'll be able to share some before and after pics with you soon.

But in the meantime, I thought I would post a few of the sewing room projects that I've been working on. As usual, I've been hugely inspired by a bunch of crafty pins on Pinterests, and that's where I found this tutorial about recovering an old ironing board.  I don't have the space to keep a full-sized ironing board out in my new sewing space, so I decided to just recover my table-top board from college and use that on my cutting table when I need it for quick work.  Mine isn't nearly as bright and fun as some of the recovered boards that I've seen on Pinterest, but it has 1/4" stripes on it, which makes it wonderful for pleating and measuring fabric as I iron, and it is just SO much cleaner and nicer than my old cover.  It's amazing how big of a difference little stuff like that can make.  The whole project only took me 20 minutes from start to finish, and I felt so nice when it was done that I was wondering why I never thought of doing this before! 

So what are some of your favorite DIY sewing room projects or sewing room-related inspirations?  I've been having so much fun seeing what other people do to organize and beautify their creative spaces. 


Unknown said...

Hy, I absolutely love your work :) Its great to see some fellow enthusiasts that love both sewing and dressing up in period costumes. Im new in this but been wearing rags and pretending they are dresses since i was 2, so your blog inspires me and helps me pursuit, even more now, sewing and learning about costumes. So, great job and keep it up. I'll be following you and will be happy for your every new project finished or just started.. Greetings from Croatia. :))) <3

Artemisia Moltabocca said...

A DIY padded cutting table I made for my sewing room: http://costumingdiary.blogspot.com/2012/08/sewing-room-ideas.html

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I read this post, I was wondering what had happened to the corded bodice articles and was very sad faced for a moment.
I completely understand the not wanting to sit in front of a computer screen, as that pretty much sums up my job.

samson said...

Thrilled to witness the progress in your sewing room journey – it's like watching an Explainer Video unfold, providing a visual guide to creativity and organization, enhancing the entire crafting experience!"

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