Saturday, August 4, 2012

ghostly photography

I've been collecting "spooky" Victorian and Edwardian photography for a while now to use as inspiration for our Mourning Party.  I was amused to discover that there was such a great variety of them out there.  Those crazy Victorians sure loved melodrama!  Some are moving and beautiful, some are genuinely erie, and some are totally hilarious.  I have a collection of them up on Pinterest, and we printed out this board and used it for inspiration for our own Victorian-style photos at the Mourning Party.  I had so many pics that turned out good that I though I would post all of the ones that I have finished so far here on my blog.  

Josie and Lesa
I love the ghost's face on this one. It totally cracks me up!

Christy and Jen
Our ghost shots were inspired by double-exposed photos like this one.

Victorian Mourners
This one was inspired by this historical photo.  Turning your back to the camera was sometimes a sign of mourning.

Cynthia's pic was inspired by this one.

Beth and Josie
And then there were the weeping ladies.
Hiding your face behind a fan was always fashionable for the art of mourning.  (still needs a ghost for bonus points though)
And although my outfit was totally wrong for the age of photography, I suppose I could be an actress posing in costume.

Thanks to all of my fabulous friends for posing for these - it was so much fun!


Lauren Stowell said...

These are wonderful! If I didn't recognize your faces, I would be completely fooled to think they are originals. Very well done!

Maureen Benfer said...

Very convincing, the ghostly ones were very intertesting to say the least.

Alexis Carroll said...

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Peter said...

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